Gardline provides geotechnical sampling services from shallow water situations to the deep ocean, helping solve the world’s marine geotechnical questions with its team of experts and state of the art equipment.

Standard and high-powered vibrocoring systems are ideal for collecting continuous cores up to 6m below the seabed across a full range of soil types in water depths up to 250m. In situ soil data is acquired utilising seabed penetrometer systems. Using 5cm² to 15cm² piezocones, we offer systems with total thrust capacities ranging from lightweight 10-15kN units for soft soils through to heavy duty 100-200kN units for hard soils or deeper penetration. Some of our systems operate up to 3,000m water depth.  With our geotechnical expertise and large range of equipment we can ensure the right tools are used to ensure the objectives are met.

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