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Research and Development is essential to Gardline. We continually invest in the development of new methods and cutting-edge technology to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and environmental sustainability of our marine activities. Gardline's research teams are engaged in developing many new technologies and techniques.

Together we can meet the challenges in our industry. That's why we work closely with several leading scientific institutes, branch organisations and, above all, with our clients. Our science-based R&D department plays a central role in this. 

We lay the foundations for revolutionary improvement and progress.

We're committed to a sustainable future

Whatever the future holds, Gardline is dedicated to helping the energy sector make the change. We have the people, the skills and the tools to test the feasibility of innovative ideas, and with that we are empowering the green energy transformation.


What we do

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Fleet and Equipment

Gardline has an extensive and versatile fleet of vessels which can be deployed in the optimum configuration for your project.

Our Services

Committed to helping our clients achieve their most ambitious goals, we provide high quality data and insights to design, build and run the most efficient offshore operations.