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Offshore Geotechnical Drilling

We supply a complete geotechnical solution utilising offshore heave compensated drilling, seabed sampling and in situ testing services.

Gardline owns and operates the Ocean Vantage, a drilling vessel complete with a heave-compensated offshore drilling system. Gardline can also offer additional flexibility with a standalone, heave compensated drill rig that can be mobilised onto vessels of opportunity anywhere in the world. All our drill rigs use standard API steel drill pipe or Geobor and have a capability to drill to 500m.

We provide scientific and engineering solutions worldwide with our team of experts.

Wireline tools are available for deployment inside the drill pipe to perform Cone Penetration Tests (CPTU) and to recover undisturbed samples. The drilling system also incorporates a Geobor-S or PQ3 wireline coring facility enabling recovery of quality rock cores. A dedicated offshore geotechnical laboratory is installed onboard for rapid assessment of recovered samples.

Combined with Gardline’s comprehensive range of in situ testing, seabed sampling and laboratory services, Gardline provides a wide range of marine engineering and scientific solutions.


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Geophysical Services

Gardline has extensive experience in the acquisition and processing of 2D and 3D seismic data, specialising in 2D, 3D, high resolution and ultra-high resolution seismic.

Geotechnical Services

Gardline has been providing marine geotechnical surveys in a variety of offshore locations for over 30 years and have the global knowledge, experience and resources required for any site investigation.

Environmental Services

Gardline is a global leader in the provision of end to end marine science and able to offer a range of environmental services including marine wildlife services.