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Company profile

Gardline is a best-in-class provider of geophysical, geotechnical and environmental marine surveys. We offer a comprehensive package of experienced staff, dedicated vessels and state-of the art equipment to empower the ongoing transformation in the offshore energy market.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Boskalis, we deliver turnkey solutions and a broad portfolio of specialist activities to offshore energy companies around the world. Tailoring our services to meet our clients’ changing needs, we provide second to none data acquisition, processing, interpretation and reporting. With cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled personnel we empower our clients to lead the transformation to a more sustainable future.

Our clients

Gardline's services are delivered across industry sectors with an interest in the marine environment, including wind, oil and gas operators and EPIC contractors. 

Our vision

The importance of in-depth marine survey will continue to grow, especially due to the challenges of a transforming energy sector.

Our mission

Gardline empowers the transforming energy sector by providing second to none marine surveying.

Our future

With intelligent solutions, smart project control and in-house developed technologies, we work with our clients to deliver a cleaner, safer environment for tomorrow. Above and below sea level, Gardline performs second to none in both worlds.

Our fleet


The Ocean Vantage

Our fleet includes The Ocean Vantage, a DP2 geotechnical drill vessel.


The Ocean Reliance

The Ocean Reliance; a DP1 multi role survey vessel.


The Ocean Researcher

Our fleet contains a number of multi disciplinary survey vessels, including the Ocean Researcher.

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The MV Kommandor

The MV Kommandor; a multi-role survey vessel.

Horizon Geobay

Horizon Geobay

The Horizon Geobay is a DP 2 multi purpose site investigation vessel

Kommandor Susan

Kommandor Susan

The Kommandor Susan is a DP2 multi purpose site investigation vessel


The MV Ocean Resolution

The MV Ocean Resolution; a multi-rolesurvey vessel.

Ocean Geograph 3 (2)

Ocean Geograph

The Ocean Geograph is a multi role survey vessel


The MV Ocean Endeavour

The MV Ocean Endeavour research vessel.


The MV Ocean Observer

The MV Ocean Observer; a multi-disciplinary survey vessel.

Kommandor Norway 2022 2


The Kommandor is a DP2 multi role survey vessel

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Our history

Over the past half century, Gardline has grown from one man and his ship to one of the largest marine survey companies in the world.

Pictured: Where it all began - Whapload Road, Lowestoft, 1969.

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To further improve our safety culture and reach our goal of an incident-free working environment, Gardline has adopted the Boskalis NINA safety programme.

Our Services

Committed to helping our clients achieve their most ambitious goals, we provide high quality data and insights to design, build and run the most efficient offshore operations.

Fleet and Equipment

Gardline has an extensive and versatile fleet of vessels which can be deployed in the optimum configuration for your project.

Policies and Procedures

Gardline adheres to a strict code of safety and management standards. Find out more about our management policies and procedures.

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