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Geophysical Services

Gardline leads the field in marine geophysical surveys. Dependable and second to none in QHSE, Operational Excellence, 3D High and Ultra High Resolution Seismic and other innovative solutions, we stand out with our customer centric and result driven project approach.

To support our clients to make the best decisions on the design and development of offshore installations, Gardline provides vital and detailed information of the seabed and underlying sub strata. Operating one of the world’s largest fleet of permanently mobilised survey vessels, we have the knowledge and resources needed for any marine site survey. 

One of our core businesses and expertise is the provision of geophysical surveys to investigate whether the conditions on the seabed are suitable for the installation of offshore structures such as platforms and drilling rigs, pipelines, wind turbine foundations and cables. 

To date, Gardline has successfully completed more than 11,000 marine survey projects for oil and gas operators and offshore wind farm site developers.

What we offer

Site Investigation Surveys
• Hydrographic surveys.
• 2D and 3D(U)HR geophysical drilling and exploration site surveys integrated with:

  • Environmental Baseline Surveys and Habitat Assessments.
  • Shallow seabed geotechnical surveys.

• Pipeline and cable route surveys.
• Wind farm consenting and engineering surveys.
• UXO geophysical surveys.
• High resolution seismic undershooting of platforms.
• Water column imaging and geochemical sampling.


What is our data used for?

Hydrography and geophysics are central to any site investigation, used to inform client’s downstream EIA and engineering requirements.


How is our data used?

Hydrographic surveys are focussed on obtaining high quality bathymetric data of the seabed. A geophysical survey typically involves gathering data to inform on ground conditions and identification of any man-made and naturally occurring hazards that may adversely impact the objective of the site investigation (geohazards). This includes: water depths, seabed topography, seabed and sub-seabed obstructions, seabed soils, shallow and deeper geology.

Second to none

We continue to meet and exceed expectations. Get in touch with us now to find out how.

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Gardline has an extensive and versatile fleet of vessels which can be deployed in the optimum configuration for your project.

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To further improve our safety culture and reach our goal of an incident-free working environment, Gardline has adopted the Boskalis NINA safety programme.

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