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Environmental Services

At Gardline we walk a fine line between conservation and exploration. In close cooperation with our clients, and combining best scientific practice with sound commercial understanding, we provide bespoke and forward-thinking environmental services to the offshore energy sector.

We have been successfully completing environmental surveys worldwide for over 30 years, which has allowed the development of a high level of scientific and technical experience in the full range of marine environments.

We are a market leader within the worldwide environmental services market.

What we offer

  • Environmental baseline surveys.
  • Benthic and pelagic surveys.
  • Habitat assessment and biotope mapping. 
  • Deep water survey capability. 
  • Marine mammal observation. 
  • Passive acoustic monitoring. 
  • Acoustic modelling and sound source verification. 
  • Survey design and regulatory guidance. 
  • Qualified offshore staff. 
  • Experienced reporting and project management teams.

What is our data used for?

Our environmental surveys facilitate the client’s compliance with local legislation and regulations. Surveys provide expert analysis and reporting of marine fauna and flora, including baselines, habitat assessment, benthic characterisation and water quality monitoring. Services also include marine mammal mitigation and acoustic studies.


How is our data used?

Gardline offers a unique survey capability that combines the acquisition of physical, chemical and biological data in one comprehensive survey. The capability draws on our considerable experience in marine geophysics, hydrography, digital mapping and underwater engineering using its dedicated fleet of survey vessels to provide a fully integrated survey capability. We conduct over 40 surveys annually, producing detailed reports to meet our clients’ specifications. The surveys are designed around key legislation, prevailing environmental conditions and client requirements, utilising Gardline’s extensive pool of survey equipment and highly trained field and reporting scientists.

Navigating the balance

We understand the need for a balanced approach to conservation and exploration. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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Fleet and Equipment

Gardline has an extensive and versatile fleet of vessels which can be deployed in the optimum configuration for your project.

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To further improve our safety culture and reach our goal of an incident-free working environment, Gardline has adopted the Boskalis NINA safety programme.

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An overview of Gardline's organisational structure including board of management and divisional structure.

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Gardline adheres to a strict code of safety and management standards. Find out more about our management policies and procedures.