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Boskalis to provide financial aid to colleagues affected by Philippine disaster.

The devastating natural disaster that hit the Philippines has sent shockwaves through Boskalis. A large number of Filipinos work aboard the global fleet operated by Boskalis and its subsidiaries SMIT and Dockwise. Many of these people have been with the company for many years.
As soon as the effects of the typhoon became known we contacted our Filipino employees who live in the area affected and who were aboard a vessel or staying in the Philippines at the time of the disaster. The employees who were working aboard a vessel have been repatriated to be with their families. The Board then decided to provide tailor-made aid to the employees directly affected. An assessment of the situation showed that around 70 of our 170 Filipino employees who live in the area were directly affected by the disaster. In most cases their homes have been completely or partly destroyed by the typhoon. Due to the extreme and exceptional nature of the disaster Boskalis is doing its part as a concerned and involved employer by providing direct financial support to these employees to try to relieve some of the suffering caused by the devastation. This financial support can be as much as six times the monthly wage for those worst hit by the storm. A coordinator has been appointed within Boskalis to supervise the careful execution of the financial aid program.

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