Geohazard assessment forms an essential component of any well planning or subsurface development process.

Gardline’s comprehensive geohazard services are founded on decades of global experience in the acquisition and interpretation of seismic data. This depth of knowledge, allied to our strong team of specialist geophysicists and geologists secures our position as one of the premier providers in the sector. Geohazard assessments are undertaken over a wide variety of depositional settings ranging from shallow water and shelf break regions to deep and ultra deep-water locations.

In deep water it is frequently possible to use existing 3D exploration seismic data as an alternative to acquiring a predrilling 2D geohazards survey. Generally this method can be used in water depths greater than around 200m. Impartial advice on the suitability of existing 3D exploration data for geohazard assessment is available within the company. Additionally Gardline is able to offer short offset re-processing of 3D datasets to enhance the resolution of exploration data for geohazard assessment.



Our in-house seismic processing department has significant experience of processing high resolution 2D, 3D and pseudo 3D datasets focused on geohazards.


Post-survey, a written report will be produced that discusses the interpretation, results and any recommendations. A number of maps and data examples will be generated to illustrate the data and charts are provided in paper copy, PDFs and either GIS or AutoCAD DWG format.

When a drill location has been selected, a specific discussion on expected drill conditions, including a detailed Top Hole Prognosis and larger scale charts showing detail around the proposed location, will be provided. Drill locations can be supplied at anytime, including after the 3D geohazard assessment is completed.

In general, the report is compiled in 2 volumes. Volume 1 will include interpretation over the entire area and volume 2 will contain detailed analysis of the specific wells.

Reports can be produced within around 4 weeks of data receipt. In cases where a regional study has already been conducted, we are able to produce an analysis and report on a specific location in around 1 week.

Our Geohazard Assessment Services

  • A full assessment of available regional information prior to site development.
  • A localised assessment of a specific well location prior to drilling.
  • A ‘quick look’ assessment of an individual well location.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Seabed and hydrocarbon seep mapping, seabed clearance and wreck searches.

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