Gardline supplies offshore drilling, sampling and in situ testing services from shallow water to the deep ocean, helping to provide scientific and engineering solutions worldwide with its team of experts and state of the art equipment.

The reporting and laboratory testing activities are based on the principle of providing high quality datasets and geotechnical advice. Gardline’s geotechnical engineers and laboratory technicians are a highly qualified team of specialists ensuring optimised geotechnical engineering and geological solutions for offshore projects. 

Gardline is able to provide geotechnical consultancy services in support of foundation engineering and design for offshore development projects.

Combined with Gardline’s comprehensive range of in situ testing, seabed sampling and laboratory services, Gardline provides a wide range of marine engineering and scientific solutions.

Our labs provide

  • Core logging and photography.
  • Chemical and electrochemical tests.
  • Full range of shear strength tests.
  • Thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity and conductivity.
  • Strength testing on rock samples.
  • Advanced testing including incorporation of piezoceramic bender elements into triaxial tests.

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